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Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2010

Tags: Melvin Edwards, Kim Uchiyama, Randy Bloom

In the latter part of October, I did get to 8 galleries in Chelsea and one in SoHo, but I've already been so verbose this month that I'll try and be a bit terser now. At Alexander Gray, I took in “Melvin Edwards: Sculptures 1964-2010" (closed October 16). Edwards is a poet (more…)

Politics; Fascist Art; Ab Ex at MoMA

October 21, 2010

Tags: Picasso, Maillol, de Chirico, Adolf Ziegler, Pollock, Newman, Motherwell, Gottlieb

FIRST, THE BAD NEWS..... At the moment, I am finding it hard to buckle down and deal with October’s art news. That is because I am distracted by the horrible political setback that I fully expect the nation to receive in the November midterm elections. All the odds-makers are betting that the Republicans (more…)


October 9, 2010

Tags: Franklin Einspruch

Belatedly, I realize that I owe Franklin Einspruch a favor. When I wrote up his last show, at the Governor's Island Art Fair, I sent him an email about it. He responded by including me in his own description of the art fair, posted in the "journal" that he now keeps online, successor to his longtime popular "" He included in this coverage a link to my review, but I never reciprocated! Shame on me. Here's the link, at long last. He's been kind enough to show me how to make links, too!