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July 10, 2018

Tags: Gene Davis, Glen Ligon

Gene Davis (American, 1920-1985) . Trafalgar, 1984 acrylic on canvas 95 1/2 x 119 3/4 in.
GENE DAVIS (American, 1920-1985)

Lindsay, there appears to have been a slightly screwy exchange of emails earlier in the week. I am still trying to figure out what happened, and believe me, when I do, you will be high on the list of those I notify! In the meantime, all I can do is hope that you will continue to display those two lovely Davises in "57th Street: America' s Artistic Heritage" at Cavalier Galleries at 3 West 57th Street (through DATE TK ) or wherever else you have them on view…

.....they look ever so much better (at least in reproduction) than that washed-out and weirdly-colored rip-off by Glen Ligon on view up in the Bronx, which was reproduced at such extraordinary size in the Friday Arts & Leisure II section of the New York Times.

Then again, I haven't eyeballed the Ligon yet, either, only that reproduction in the Times and I try never to review a work of visual art that I haven't actually seen. Therefore I suppose I shall also have to go to the Bronx Museum of the Artsin order to see this Ligon, which is in a show entitled "Dialogues: Tim Rollins & K. O.S. and Glen Ligon" (through June 15). Yikes! June 15? I ought to better saddle up my pony & hit the trail ... (ought to? what kind of language is that, Piri Halasz, don't you want to go to a new borough? You've never reviewed a show in the Bronx, now have you? Well, no!) This will be another first. All the best, Piri