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August 29, 2012

Tags: John Link, Darby Bannard, Franklin Einspruch

I am happy to report that John Link and Darby Bannard have established a new blog called This is not to be confused with Newcrit, the more formal website that Link & Bannard have had posted for some time. is intended to function much as, the blog created by Frankin Einspruch, used to function, in the days when comments appeared immediately on it and the result was a free-ranging conversation comparable (more…)


October 9, 2010

Tags: Franklin Einspruch

Belatedly, I realize that I owe Franklin Einspruch a favor. When I wrote up his last show, at the Governor's Island Art Fair, I sent him an email about it. He responded by including me in his own description of the art fair, posted in the "journal" that he now keeps online, successor to his longtime popular "" He included in this coverage a link to my review, but I never reciprocated! Shame on me. Here's the link, at long last. He's been kind enough to show me how to make links, too!


September 5, 2010

Tags: Franklin Einspruch

Two years ago, I attempted to cover in breadth the huge Governors Island Art Fair, organized by “The 4heads;” this year, I focus exclusively on one artist, Franklin Einspruch, whose modest but charming exhibition of 9 small- to medium-sized paintings I visited yesterday, on the fair’s opening day. (more…)

History's Mysteries & Contemporary Soupçons

May 30, 2010

Tags: Monet, Peter Reginato, Dee Shapiro, Anne Truitt, Robert and Ethel Scull, Jasper Johns, Greenberg, Larry Poons, Sheila Luck, Mitchel Smith, Helen Frankenthaler, Craig Barnes, George Hofmann, Michael L. Williams, Franklin Einspruch

Down in the bowels of West 21st Street, Larry Gagosian, who is to Chelsea what P. T. Barnum was to circuses, has mounted what he obviously hopes will be the same kind of historical blockbuster that his big late Picasso show was last season. “Claude Monet: Late Work,” curated by Paul Hayes Tucker, (more…)