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July 17, 2015

Tags: James Little, Philip Gerstein, John Link

Philip Gerstein, Ysabel's Table Dance (composite alternative take), 2007-2012. Oil stick & acrylic on canvas, 54 x 63 inches. Courtesy of the artist.
Again racing against the clock, I present two more shows by abstract painters I’ve seen and admired: “James Little: Color/Barriers, Recent Work” at June Kelly in SoHo (closed June 23) and “Being There: Abstract Paintings of Philip Gerstein” at André Zarre in Chelsea (through July 29). Plus a link to a lively article by John Link. (more…)


August 29, 2012

Tags: John Link, Darby Bannard, Franklin Einspruch

I am happy to report that John Link and Darby Bannard have established a new blog called This is not to be confused with Newcrit, the more formal website that Link & Bannard have had posted for some time. is intended to function much as, the blog created by Frankin Einspruch, used to function, in the days when comments appeared immediately on it and the result was a free-ranging conversation comparable (more…)