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August 24, 2015

Tags: Stanley Whitney

Stanley Whitney, In Our Songs, 1996. Oil on linen, 77 × 103 inches.
Not only has this city been luxuriating in warm but not desperately hot air this summer; even better, it has discovered a new culture hero. He is Stanley Whitney, whose abstract paintings are or have been on display in two exhibitions. “Stanley Whitney: Dance the Orange” is of 21st century work, and is at The Studio Museum in Harlem (through October 25). (more…)


June 27, 2015

Tags: Björk, Peter Malone, Subodh Gupta, Stanley Whitney, Lucy Jones

Lucy Jones, Lucy Jones with Her Walking Stick, 1996. Oil on canvas, 86 x 61 3/4 in. Courtesy of the artist and Flowers Gallery, London/New York
Continuing my rounds of exhibitions greatly or slightly off the modernist path, I comment (belatedly, alas)on 1) “Björk” at the Museum of Modern Art (closed June 7); 2) “Peter Malone: Paintings” at The Painting Center (closed March 28); 3) “Subodh Gupta. Seven Billion Light Years” at Hauser & Wirth (closed April 25), as compared to “The Painter of Modern Life” at Anton Kern (closed April 11); and 4) "Lucy Jones: How Did You Get on This Canvas?” at Flowers (closed May 9). (more…)


May 23, 2012

Tags: Ryan Sullivan, Stanley Whitney, Toon Kuijpers

Installation shot, "Stanley Whitney: Left to Right," at Team Gallery (center & right-hand painting shown). Image courtesy of the artist and Team Gallery, New York
Although some readers may feel that this column’s reviews are exclusively concerned with what a onetime fan has referred to as “the usual suspects,” I do try to get around and see what else is going on. I’m not four people, as the New York Times is, so (more…)