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December 2, 2015

Tags: William Perehudoff

William Perehudoff, AC-84-88, 1984. Acrylic on canvas, 50 7/8 x 93 inches. Courtesy Berry Campbell.

The 49th Parallel too often functions like an invisible sound barrier: few Canadian artists have been able to become well-known in the U.S. But the splendid Saskatchewan painter William Perehudoff has been posthumously making himself into one of those happy few—first, two years ago, and second, now. (more…)


August 23, 2014

Tags: Turner, Thomas Girtin, Master of Claude de France, William Perehudoff

William Perehudoff (1918 - 2013), AC-85-015, 1985, acrylic on canvas, 42 x 82 inches. Courtesy Berry Campbell Gallery, New York.
Pomonians tend to have short artistic memories. Or so, at least, is the conclusion I've come to from seeing how august museums like the Met, the Frick and the Morgan seem to feel that to attract younger museum-goers, they must augment their invaluable holdings in older art with all the latest buzz (no matter how feeble). Modernists, on the other hand, (more…)


November 11, 2013

Tags: Larry Poons, Paul Feeley, Larry Zox, William Perehudoff, Brancusi

William Perehudoff (1918-2013) AC-87-023, 1987 Acrylic on canvas 55 x 114 inches Courtesy BERRY CAMPBELL, New York
Chelsea is still a place where younger artists & audience go to see and be seen, but it is also getting to be awfully chic. It never really was a low-end platform, even when it first took over the leadership of the downtown art scene from SoHo, but now this is more evident than ever, (more…)


November 29, 2011

Tags: David Evison, Willard Boepple, John McLean, William Perehudoff, Tim Scott

Tim Scott. Woodwind I. 2011. Plywood, H. 90 cm. Image (c)Tim Scott 2011
David Evison, the sculptor, normally lives in Berlin. At the moment, he has a teaching gig in China. Recently, he paused in London to take in an important exhibition there. Below is his report:

"Color and Substance" was the title of an exhibition at Poussin Gallery, Bermondsey St. (more…)


September 26, 2010

Tags: Frank Bowling, Joyce Weinstein, Richard Timperio, Terrence Keller, William Perehudoff, John McLean

This has been a social month for me, so I'll cover it in an appropriately chatty manner. Feature attractions are the shows by Frank Bowling, whom I haven’t dealt with at length since 2006, and Joyce Weinstein, whose work I’ve reviewed twice within the last two years. I’ll also mention four upcoming Canadian shows. (more…)