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A Swinger’s Guide to London

When this book was originally published by Coward McCann, Publisher's Weekly called it "a cosmopolitan, knowing guide which will help one not to look or act like a tourist and may smooth the way to making new friends among the English. The recommendations--on accommodations, art galleries, shopping, English manners, etc.--are offered with charm and occasional shafts of humor."

The book was a spinoff of the author's famous cover story for Time magazine on "Swinging London," and initially as controversial as the cover itself. Over the years, though, not only the cover story and the book but also the phenomenon of "Swinging London" itself have lived down their original notoriety, and even become enshrined in history books of the period.

This evolution is the subject of the author's December 2015 article in The Independent Scholar, entitled "Transition from Mystery into History: How the Internet Revived My Faith in 'Swinging London.'"

A copy of the original hardcover edition of A Swinger's Guide was included in "Summer of Love: Art of the Psychedelic Era," an exhibition that originated with Tate Liverpool in England, and was presented at the Whitney Museum of American Art in 2007.

And, despite the fact that a new paperback edition has been published under the auspices of the Authors Guild “Back in Print” program, copies of the original hardcover edition continue to surface in the marketplace as collectibles (in the U.K. especially, they can be quite pricey).

Shortly after this new paperback edition was published,, the online art magazine edited and published by David Cohen, a native of London, offered it as a prize for its 2010/2011 New Year's quiz.

The announcement observed that "this period-piece riot of a travel guide, savvy in its hip heyday, remains surprisingly valid half a century hence as many of the attractions are still 'swinging.' Those that aren't are fun to read about and compare to what is."

Jacket blurb: "Here's the go-go miniguide that told the sophisticated traveler where to go and what to do in Swinging London of the '60s, the fun capital of the world in that decade: groovy boutiques, casinos, discos, pubs, restaurants, art galleries, hotels, theatres, etc., but also how to get in on the action at such places and elsewhere: what to expect, how to prepare, how to behave, how to meet people, hear about parties and just generally fit in with the scene -- how to be a jet-setter, in other words, not just a tourist. Simply fab."

The paperback edition is only $ 16.95 at and Also available at Anybody within the U.S. who wants an autographed copy should send a check for $ 20 to Piri Halasz, 520 East 76th Street, Apt. 3A, New York NY 10021. Anybody outside the U.S. with the same desire should send an international postal order or other means of payment cashable within the U.S. for $30 U.S. (these prices include sales tax & postage).