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Report from the Front

Art criticism, sometimes with context, occasional politics. Published in hard copy 2-4 times a year. New shows: "events;" hard copy rates & how to support the online edition: "works."




I am sorry to report that I have been suffering from some sort of a stomach bug for the past week or so.  It may even have contributed to the bleakness of my report on "The Medici" last week.  As I think it unfair to continue to take out my negative emotions on helpless pictures and sculpture, I have decided to foreswear reporting on the art scene for the next few weeks – or until I have this bug of mine firmly in the rear-view mirror. Think of it as the summer vacation I never got around to taking.


I do have a small amount of reading matter to offer – written not by me, but by several of my readers.


As some of you may have noticed, it is possible to leave a "comment" at the bottom of my stories.  Normally, my program tells me when such a comment comes in, because I have to approve it before it can be read by anybody else.  However, for reasons best known to itself, my program has only just now informed me about a handful of comments that have come in over the years – but that it DIDN'T tell me about before. Several of them, I think, are pretty interesting, so I invite you now to read them  AND with many thanks to the readers who made this possible.


1)    Review of Darby Bannard show at Berry Campbell, April 15, 2015. Comments by Bannard himself, (myself) and John Link.


2)    Review of Friedel Dzubas show at Yares Art  November 13, 2019. Comment by David Evison.


3)    Review of Peter Bradley at Emerge, June 14, 2019.  Comments by Loel Barr and Lucy Baker.

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