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Report from the Front

Art criticism, sometimes with context, occasional politics. New shows: "events;" how to support the online edition: "works."



"The De Luxe Show" at Karma, installation shot. Far right: picture by Robert Gordon; far left: picture by Peter Bradley.  Center: sculpture by Anthony Caro (foreground), (behind it,sculpture by James Wolfe); Back wall in center: picture by Al Loving.  Courtesy Karma, New York

Way back in 1971, 31-year-old Peter Bradley curated "The De Luxe Show." Held in a disused movie house in Houston's historically African-American Fifth Ward, it was one of the first, maybe even the first of the major racially-integrated exhibitions in the U.S.  Now two galleries are honoring its 50th anniversary with exhibitions.  The Los Angeles show is at Parker, 2441 Glendower Avenue (through September 18).  The New York show is at Karma, 188 East Second Street (through September 25).  I've only seen the Karma exhibition, but believe me folks, it's a wow. Read More 

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Al Loving, James, 1989. Mixed media on paper collage, 32 x 87 inches. Courtesy of the Estate of Al Loving and Garth Greenan.
Pleasure of a more recent vintage awaited me on my next trip to Chelsea. The source is the latest show of Alvin D. Loving (1935-2005), better known as Al Loving, and occupying the handsome new space of Garth Greenan on ground level at 545 West 20th Street. There are only eight pieces of work in “Al Loving: Space, Time, Light” (through December 21), but they come from between 1977 and 1993, which is perhaps my favorite period in this gifted artist’s long career. Read More 
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Al Loving, Barbara in Spiral Heaven, 1989. Mixed media on paper. Collage. 93 1/2 x 141 inches. Courtesy the Estate of Al Loving and Garth Greenan Gallery, New York
May 21 was a good night for openings. I got to two, both at 529 West 20th Street. The one I'd come to see, and will discuss below, was “Al Loving” at Garth Greenan (through June 27). The other was “Shades of Paint”, a multifaceted group show at André Zarre (through June 24).  Read More 
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Al Loving. Untitled, ca. 1974-1975. Mixed media, 174 x 132 3/4 inches. Courtesy Gary Snyder Gallery.
Arguably the best solo exhibition in Chelsea this autumn is “Al Loving: Torn Canvas” at Gary Snyder (through December 22). For my money, its only possible competition was the show of Carolanna Parlato at Elizabeth Harris. Parlato’s was a beautiful show in its way, but not  Read More 
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