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Report from the Front

Art criticism, sometimes with context, occasional politics. New shows: "events;" how to support the online edition: "works."



Frank Wimberley, "Untitled," 1987. Acrylic and collage on board, 33 1/2 x 27 1/4 in  Courtesy Berry Campbell.


I've followed the career of Frank Wimberley since 1999, but that's only a fraction of his total career. Born in Pleasantville, New Jersey, in 1926, he's now in his 90s and has been exhibiting since 1969. Primarily, he's known as an abstract painter.   However, he's also made collages and nearly everything else from ceramics to assemblages, so for those who know him best, it comes as no surprise that his current show is "Frank Wimberley: Collage" at Berry Campbell (through April 17). Read More 

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Frank Wimberley (b. 1926). Bayou. 2010. Acrylic on canvas, 50 x 50 in. Collection of Spanierman Modern, New York
Sometimes, it seems, all that an artist really needs is the right gallery. So I conclude, anyway, from Frank Wimberley,” at Spanierman Modern, a vigorous and not-easily-forgotten exhibition of 19 abstract expressionist paintings, brilliantly organized by Alice Hammond (through January 14).

I say, “not easily forgotten” because when I saw  Read More 
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Arnold Schönberg (1874-1951), Gaze, 1910. Oil on cardboard, Belmont Music Publishers, Pacific Palisades. Courtesy Arnold Schönberg Center, Vienna. (c) 2011 Artist Rights Society (ARS), New York/VBK, Vienna. Photograph (c) Arnold Schönberg Center, Vienna

Summertime is group show time. Two galleries, Spanierman and Allegra LaViola, are indulging that impulse with abstract shows, while the Neue Galerie is employing it to examine early 20th century Austrian modernism.

Allegra LaViola is on the lower East Side (not far from the Educational Alliance, where Rothko exhibited, in his salad days, and  Read More 
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