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Report from the Front

Art criticism, sometimes with context, occasional politics. Published in hard copy 2-4 times a year. New shows: "events;" hard copy rates & how to support the online edition: "works."



Ludwig Meidner (1884-1966). I and the City, 1913. Oil on canvas, Private Collection.
When I worked on Time, editors who weren’t satisfied with stories that writers had written would order up “new versions,” known as “NVs.” Over the years, I have been exposed to several art-museum versions of Germany and/or Berlin during the Weimar Republic. The latest – and cheeriest – of these NVs is “Berlin Metropolis: 1918-1933” at the Neue Galerie (through January 4, 2016).  Read More 
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George Grosz (1893-1959), Panorama (Down with Liebknecht), 1919. Pen and ink and watercolor on paper. Private Collection. © Estate of George Grosz/Licensed by VAGA, New York.
Here's a rundown of some of the Big Attractions to be seen this autumn. This is definitely not everything on view, just shows that I – and, I like to think also my readers-- may want to see. A dozen-odd are in the Big Apple, another handful on the road. Read More 
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