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"Transition From Mystery Into History: How the Internet Revived My Faith in 'Swinging London'"

Article in scholarly journal revisiting author's 1966 cover story for Time on "Swinging London," and showing how the perception of it has evolved over 50 years. For text, click on title.

A Memoir of Creativity: abstract painting, politics & the media, 1956-2008

Halasz’s theory concerning abstract painting escapes more conventional art critics. To make it more intelligible both to them and to the general reader, she tells how she developed it through personal and professional experience – as art critic and art historian, but also in the wider context of the mass media. For reviews & how to order, click on title.

A Swinger’s Guide to London

RECENTLY PUBLISHED: Full text, as originally published in 1967 and now republished under the Authors Guild “Back in Print” program. For mini-review & how to order, click on title.

(An Appropriate Distance) From the Mayor's Doorstep

A New York-based blog of art criticism, sometimes with various kinds of context & occasional political comment. Estab. 1996. Published online every one to two weeks, also in hard copy 5-7 times a year. Print edition includes slightly revised blog entries either posted since previous hard-copy issue or to be posted in coming weeks. Online edition welcomes online subscriptions. These are by no means required, but they are very much appreciated.

Rates for the print edition, 5 issues (1 year, or however long it takes to publish 5 issues): inside the U.S., $50; Canada, $55 U.S.; Overseas, $60 U.S. Individual issues, $10.00.

Rates for online subscriptions: $33 a year, or whatever the reader considers reasonable. Online subscribers paying $33 a year or more have the option of being notified via email whenever a new entry is posted.

As with the print edition, subscribers will be provided with a receipt for tax purposes (as a business expense, not a charitable deduction--this website is not set up as a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit corporation).

This operation is not set up for credit cards, nor does it have a dedicated bank account, so to subscribe to either edition, please mail checks made out to "Piri Halasz" to Piri Halasz, 520 East 76th Street, Apt. 3A, New York NY 10021-3271.

For subscriptions from Canada & overseas, please use an international postal order or a check drawn on a bank that has a correspondent U.S. bank. With other kinds of checks, it becomes difficult or even impossible to convert foreign currencies to U.S. dollars without being forced to pay extra charges.